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Apartments: Your Greatest Development Asset

If you read the local papers, you are sure to still find dozens of notifications of foreclosure. Where are these people going to live? Interestingly enough, even though these people cannot make the mortgage payment, they may be able to afford weekly rental payments. All you will need to do is turn that idle commercial land you’ve been sitting on into the site for an apartment building.

No matter whether you decide to offer single furnished rooms, or larger suites, apartment buildings can be an enormous asset. That said, without private money lenders for business investment property, you will never get started let alone succeed.

Why Haven’t You Gotten an Investment Real Estate Loan?

Even though you have the perfect land for an apartment building, the bank will turn you down because you don’t have enough additional assets. On the other hand, getting a private mortgage loan requires fewer assets.

Have you been avoiding a private loan because you heard:

  • private loan lenders are sharks waiting to grab your property
  • you will be paying higher interest rates
  • you will never get out of debt?

If any of these scenarios fit your situation, you are in for a pleasant surprise when you call us. Unlike conventional banks, we won’t leave you starving and out of luck just because our guidelines say you have had what little money there is in a cash strapped system.

We have thousands of investors that can help you with every phase of starting your business and making sure the property is put to good use. Give us a call today at 612-926-1111  or even better, use the form to the right to send us an email. You will never regret making this inquiry because it will truly make the difference between starting a profitable business and going on wishing you had the money to build an apartment complex.

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