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Bridge Lenders Expose Weakness in Mortgage Banking System

bankpieceYou’ve seen it hundreds of times since the recession.

Clients with good credit, stable jobs, or growing businesses cannot get mortgages required for property they want to buy from you.

As banks get quagmire-ed in more and more red tape, your business dwindles and houses fall into disrepair.

Here at Hard Money LLC we are literally blowing that disgusting paradigm to bits and helping everyone interested in real estate get back on their feet.

Look at what bridge lenders and products can do to get your business moving and thriving:

We can shorten turnaround on worth property/client matches to days instead of months

Got a hot commercial property and a sound business buyer? We will extend the money and save months of wasted time that could be used for building and purchasing assets

Forget about long mortgage waiting periods and let us offer bridge loans that reduce advertising cost and time wasted on trying to secure sales

Don’t Go Down With the Banks

In the modern economy, there is no question that banks are still sinking left and right. When they cannot make loans and get paying customers, everyone suffers.

We know that bridge loans speed up the real estate buying churn, and that speed translates into more money for everyone.

Call us or send us an email today to find out, just how important our loans are for your business.  Once we show you the dollar and cents cost to profit ratios, we are certain you will want to do business with us.

Why wait, we have the money, you have the property and clients. Let’s get these deals done now!

Do you need a Hard Money Loan for your next real estate purchase or refinance fast?