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Get a Commercial Real Estate Loan and Seal that Deal

Have you been hearing endless comments from people in the local area about stores they would like to buy from? Do you know of a perfect piece of land that can be used for this purpose? Are all you dreams of selling this land to an appropriate developer on hold because you can’t secure the property right now?

If so, then you may not realize that the kind of funding you are looking for is available and ready for your use.

Are You Missing Deals Without Commercial Real Estate Loans?

As a local realtor, you probably hear a good bit from business owners that have plans for expanding their business, or even starting something new. In some cases, they may have even developed business proposals and started approaching banks for loans.

If you cannot provide suitable properties for them to use as collateral, you will have a very hard time expanding your own business and helping draw other businesses to the area. This is why it is so important to be honest about all the deals you are missing out on, and why it is happening.

Would Investment Real Estate Loans be of Help to You?

In some cases, it can take years before any given commercial project moves off the drawing board and progresses to the grand opening of the business. Since you play a vital role in land transactions, getting loans to speed up these processes will be of immense benefit.

Here are just a few ways that an investment real estate loan can help you:

* Secure relatively cheap land near proposed roads and access points that will be worth millions in coming months or years

*Create a portfolio of properties that can be leveraged into the kinds of community businesses that will provide work for residents and contribute to financial betterment for everyone

* Make a profit on more properties in a shorter period of time.

* Attract more affluent business owners to your properties with the use of low cost property upgrades

Did You Try to Get a Real Estate Loan?

If you read the local papers or watch TV, you probably still see dozens of ads from banks and other lenders, eager to make real estate loans. On the other hand, once you fill out the application you will soon realize that the bank isn’t about to take a chance. From there, you might be led to believe that no one else will take a chance on your either.

Interestingly enough, there are many private lenders that don’t agree with bank assessments and use their own set of criteria. Therefore, even if you weren’t successful in getting a loan from other sources, you may still be able to get one through our network.

Are You Willing to Work With our Real Estate Lenders?

We know that some business owners need just one or two loans on good properties to turn an enormous profit. At the same time, we also have private lenders on hand that trust our ability to find the most worthwhile projects to be part of.

Therefore, even if no one else will work with you, we will do so if the potential for profit and your abilities match up in a good way. As long as you are willing to work with us and allow us to do the financing, you can make just about any land transaction a profitable and enjoyable one to carry out.

In the last 10 Years private lenders working with Hard Money LLC have discovered that we excel in finding realtors with a knack for turning investment properties into huge amounts of cash. We would like to help you secure the best investment properties in your local area, and enjoy seeing both our businesses thrive.

Simply email us today or call to find out more about our commercial real estate lending programs and how to get the financial backing you need.

Do you need a Hard Money Loan for your next real estate purchase or refinance fast?