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Commercial Realtors Escape Banker Woes With Investment Property Loans

You just got word that a major franchise wants to open an outlet in your sleepy little town.  Everyone in the neighborhood wants to shop there, and it’s all you ever hear about.

Through the grapevine, you’ve even found out about a local business person willing to do the deal.

Even better, you’ve got the best property for a project like this.

What’s the problem? The bank mortgage, of course!  Well – not anymore.

Here at Hard Money LLC we’ve got the perfect bridge Minnesota, Mpls loan to get this property sold at a profit for you– even as the bank diddles around, lost in its own paperwork.

Bridge Loans are the Newest Secret in Commercial Real Estate

Everyone knows that land is the best asset to have for an economic hedge.

Banks know this too, but they are glutted with foreclosed properties and obnoxious government red tape.

We aren’t, and we can do the following for you:

  • Get the money required to secure zoning permits and everything else required for business property transactions
  • Secure warranty deeds and pay off liens to ensure mortgage and sales transactions go through smoothly

Your client can get started on the business loan and franchise application processes before the bank actually approves the mortgage. This will make you an unparalleled star in a business community that simply doesn’t have time to waste on slow bank application processes.

Are you ready to sell business property and turn a fast, hefty profit?

Call us today at 612-926-1111 and ask about our bridge loans for real estate agents.

We’d be more than happy to tell you how it works and give you free quotes and scenarios, based on your specific needs.

Do you need a Hard Money Loan for your next real estate purchase or refinance fast?