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Debts and Foreclosure? You Can Still Get a Real Estate Loan

As you may be aware, many people seeking to revive the real estate market tried to buy property and then resell it for a profit. While some people made a decent profit with property flipping, there are far more that never got past buying because of property liens and code violations.

In these cases, the situation got even worse because it is usually very hard to get a short term property rehab loan from a conventional bank. Today, even if your properties are being foreclosed on, about to be condemned, or have other problems, we can get you the money you need and help you build a strong real estate business at the same time.

Don’t Know Why You Need Hard Money Fast?

Did you buy a piece of property without realizing that there were back taxes, code violations, and other problems to deal with. Unfortunately, many properties up for auction from banks, FSBO from Ebay, or available through HUD are financial disasters waiting for the next victim to come along.

Here are some situations you may be dealing with right now that we can help you with:

* You bought “cheap property” with a quit claim dead without properly researching the title history. From there you wound up with huge back tax bills and other liens to resolve

* After buying cheap land you could not get a loan from the bank to develop it

* You bought a few cheap houses on Ebay thinking they were in fairly good shape, and then found them gutted out and in shambles on the inside. As with the lien situation, you found out the buildings are about to be condemned and there is no way the bank will give you a loan.

Why is a Hard Money Mortgage Important in These Times?

When it comes right down to it, you, the bank, and everyone else knows that debt is little more than accrued paper. On the other hand, property is a tangible asset that cannot be destroyed. From that perspective, when you have land, rest assured that someone will have a use for it, and will be prepared to spend good money if the situation lines up right.

Hard money loans and mortgages can help you attract the best buyers and make sure that every deal goes through easily and quickly.

Can a Rehab Home Loan Help Real Estate Investors?

No matter whether you are a professional or hobby real estate investor, hard money loans can be of immense help to you. These loans can help you secure valuable properties, start work on rehab before conventional mortgage funding comes through, and even help pull properties out of foreclosure.

Even if you have bad debts and business bankruptcies, we can find lenders that are interested in the property you have on hand. Needless to say, once you get past your hardships, it will be easier to go on to the next deal and rebuild your business with similar properties and loan types.

Are Private Lenders Really Better Than Conventional Banks?

Many banks and other organizations would have you believe that hard money from private lenders comes with high risk. That said, you should easily realize that there is little difference between a mortgage that relies on property for collateral and a private hard money loan. In addition, if you find the right lender, you will find that interest rates and other terms are just as good, if not better than what you would get from a regular bank.

Here at Hard Money LLC we have been helping real estate investors just like you make a profit on commercial property transactions. We can help you get money for rehabs, foreclosure, satisfying liens, and just about anything else that will help pave a path to success in real estate.

Call us today or click on the link to the right and find out why hundreds of other real estate investors are now coming to us before they even start thinking about conventional bank loans.

Do you need a Hard Money Loan for your next real estate purchase or refinance fast?