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Foreclosure Bailout: It is Possible With Hard Money Financing

While you may not realize it, hard money financing is available even if you don’t have viable business prospects or other forms of liquid collateral. As long as you have property that can be resold at a profit, chances are we can find you a lender.

In fact, even if your real estate investments in are about to be foreclosed on, we can still help you get the money you need to solve that problem.

Why Not Get a Hard Money Mortgage?

There is no question that investors hate to borrow money because they know the interest rates will eat into their profit. On the other hand, if you need lending for property repair, then you already know that you stand to make far more than you will lose on interest payments.

Consider some things you can do with our money that you may never be able to do if you keep paying taxes and putting up with code violations fines on your investment properties:

* Fix roofs, floors, and foundations that prevent potential buyers from being interested in your property

* Turn homes with appropriate zoning into small shops or other business interests

* Carry out other repairs that will make your property increase in value at the right time

There is no question that being without money makes borrowing even more unappealing than usual. When you have investment properties that cannot be sold because of repair issues, you are likely to be even more inclined to stay away from private lenders.

That said, as with any other situation, when you need help, you will be well served by taking it from people that are willing to give you reasonable loan terms. Contact us today, and we can easily match you up with plenty of lenders that can help you restructure your rehab investment properties and turn them into the kinds of profit you were hoping to make early on.

Do you need a Hard Money Loan for your next real estate purchase or refinance fast?