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Non Homestead Residential: Don’t Get Left Behind

There is no such thing as a real estate investor that would pass up a chance to gain access to residual income from properties in their investment portfolio. Typically, this goal is achieved by turning non-homestead residential properties into quality rentals for consumer and business needs. As you look through your list of property investments, there may be more than a few that would be perfect for renting as office space, or for apartments.

Are You Losing a Fortune on Foreclosure Houses?

When it comes to getting a real estate bargain, many people start off by buying a parcel of low cost foreclosure homes. No matter how run down these properties may be, some may be worth well over $100,000 dollars— based on location or equity built up from the previous owner. Unfortunately, when you buy these properties you may still have to deal with:

* Paying off all the liens that accrued because the property was abandoned

* Refurbish buildings and bring them up to municipal codes, based on your intended use of the building

* Lack of funding required to meeting the needs of people that may be interested in renting if certain conditions are met

Just because the economy is collapsing further, that does not mean land and buildings lose all of their tangible value. Foreclosed homes can offer tremendous profit for investors once you know how to unlock their potential.

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