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Hot Customer but Cold Bank? Get a Minnesota Rehab Loan Now

Every day, you have people calling in about that cute house down the street from the supermarket. Are you tired of turning them all down just because the bank will take months on end to approve a mortgage?

I bet you know these people can afford the property, but the bank’s cold feet sends perfectly good potential home owners back to looking for an apartment.

Have a look at scenarios that we are transforming from nightmare to gold mine for real estate agents just like you:

Property flippers specializing in foreclosure properties can get a Minnesota loan for property repairs and upgrades. Why flip a house for 15,000 when you can put 5,000 into it and sell it for 45,000 and beyond after renovation?

Conventional real estate agents sweating to deal with properties about to be foreclosed on or condemned. If you’ve got commercial or other buyers, our bridge loan can help you get through all these nasty problems and into high quality sales your competitors are starving for.

Our Minnesota Rehab Loan is your Dream Come True

Here at Hard Money LLC we specialize in bridge loans for real estate agents. From repos and fixer uppers to house flipping and commercial development, we can get you the money you need to attract buyers.

Perhaps best of all, our loans are offered on a short term basis.

As soon as your customer secures the mortgage from the bank, just pay us off and move on to your next mega transaction.

Call us today at 612-926-1111 or send us an email to get a free quote and more information.

Do you need a Hard Money Loan for your next real estate purchase or refinance fast?