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Industrial Development: We Have the Financial Keys

When you buy land for industrial development, it can take years on end before you find a buyer. On the other side of the equation, you may already know of an industry that is desperately required in your local area. Why continue hoping that some worthwhile business owner will come along and buy that land from you? Instead, we have access to all the best private loan lenders that can put you in the driver’s seat of a thriving factory business in your local area.

Have You Been Fooled by Real Estate Investing Reports?

Ever since the recession hit, people just like you with property suitable for industrial development have been stuck in financial limbo. In many cases, these same people eagerly watch various indicators to see if there is an increase in sale of investment property.

Unfortunately, watching this type of information won’t give you the tools required to actually turn your property from a potential profit into a thriving business.

If you are truly interested in getting ahead in the arena of industrial development, call us today to learn more about our private mortgage lenders.

We have hundreds of investors ready to help you with:

  • getting rid of back taxes and other issues that prevent you from building on the land

  • secure a loan to develop a building and find suitable tenants

  • give you the capital you need to feel confident when you try to negotiate with potential business partners and construction teams.

Just click on the link to the left, or give us a call to find out how many loans we have available for industrial property developers. Regardless of what you’ve been told about the economy, we have the money you need to get started. Give us a call at 612-926-1111 now and be on your way to making the fortune you deserve.

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