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Hard Money Loan

Here are some types of hard money real estate loans we are proud to offer:

Hard Money Land Development Loans

Hard Money is used frequently to purchase Land for development and designed secure  construction financing.  This may include small buildings for boutiques and stores, larger buildings for malls, or specialized buildings suitable for plants and factories. Hard Money loans can also be used to cover restructuring the geography of the land as well as taking care of other issues that will make it easier to attract more than one buyer.

Hard money loans are ideal for these situations owing to the fact that you do not necessarily need to wait for a buyer that has suitable backing. Instead, you can proceed with your building project, and then simply rent the buildings out once the construction is completed.

Hard Money Construction Loans for Business and Residential Property

Hard Money is used by many business owners who are looking relocate their offices, because of rising taxes: the need for expanded parking, or customer demographics indicate a shift in where most buyers are coming from. When you have prime land for business and residential building, it makes sense to start construction as soon as possible.

Even though a huge economic collapse may be coming soon, there are going to be businesses that will survive. The property you can’t get a bank loan for is one that a hard money lender can give you a construction loan for– with ease.

Hard Money Office Development Loans are a perfect fit

As you may be aware, lawyers, accountants, and customer call outsourcing centers are in increasing levels of demand. This situation will become even more pronounced as businesses seek to shed front office help and look to outsourcing companies to meet these staffing needs.

In turn, you will also find that office space for larger numbers of workers will become extremely important. Unfortunately, conventional banks will not give you an office development loan just because of these trends. Our lenders are more than happy to supply office development loans for properties in your real estate catalog, because they know this is one investment that will survive when many other businesses will fail.

Hard Money works well for Retail Store, eStore, and Mini Mall Loans

Have you been reading about the demise of Wal-mart and several other large franchise chains? While these businesses may be on the way down, people still need clothes, appliances, food, and other needs for daily living.

Therefore, you will also find that there is going to be a huge increase in the need for department stores, mini malls, and warehouses for ecommerce businesses.

Think about it for a second…

Why should you wait for the banker to turn down a retail store loan when we can:

* match you up with a lender that will give you enough money for building the perfect mall

* help you get the most flexible lending terms

* make your enterprise attractive to potential partners

Hard Money is used for Commercial Loans for Medical, or Other Professional Parkways

When it comes to narrowing windows of opportunities, properties that would be ideal for medical complexes are the most endangered in a gloomy economic scenario. While doctors and other medical providers may want to offer expanded services to patients, they simply will not have the money or resources to obtain commercial loans.

On the other hand, the fact that you have equity in any given piece of suitable property means that you can get a hard money loan for commercial purposes, whenever you need it.

For example, if you know that a group of doctors wants to locate in your area, or you have some other critical piece of information, this is the time to secure a loan and start building. With hard money loans, you don’t have to wait until it is too late, and you will stand a much better chance of securing enough rental money to pay off your loan and make a profit at the same time.

Hard Money for Non Homestead Residential Development Loans

There is no question that more and more people are losing their homes while others are simply moving from place to place in search of better jobs or the opportunity to buy property. If you have properties that can be used for rental purposes, it may be a good idea to earmark one or two of them for long term stay hotel or efficiency accommodations.

Regardless of whether you choose to make a living space available for senior citizens, the disabled, or low income housing, chances are that you will make good rental money, plus attract buyers interested in the complex after it is built.

Today, banks will not give out non homestead residential loans because they do not consider that some people will still have a steady income to pay rents that are lower than mortgage amounts.

Here at Hard Money LLC we are looking to provide loans for this type of housing because we know that there is an enormous profit to be made for realtors and anyone else associated with these buildings.

Refinance Loans for Distressed Properties

There is no such thing as a modern realtor that survived the last collapse without winding up with a few distressed properties in the catalog.

This includes properties that:

* have buildings that need to be torn down

*require extensive landscaping to make the property suitable for sale

* have liens, fines, and other problems that prevent giving a clear title and deed to the buyer

If you look at the value of these properties from before the housing collapse occurred, you may find that they were worth double, or even triple their current value. You do not need to let these properties become an added burden to your portfolio– or cost you even more as desperate counties and towns seek to fine you out of business.

Our lenders are ready, and more than able to provide you with a refinance loan that can be used to make these properties easy to sell, in just about a matter of weeks.

Hard Money is used frequently to payoff Contract For Deeds Loans

It is fair to say that many real estate investors are going to be in a horrible situation when they own dozens of properties, but cannot sell them at a loss—let alone make any kind of a profit. In these cases, most realtors won’t even realize that they can keep capital coming in by obtaining contract for deed loans.

If you need money for advertising, attracting qualified buyers, or carrying out other pre-sale related goals, a contract for deed loan will be of help. As long as you have equity in the property, we can secure hard money loans that will make it easier to sell that property before it makes you land bankrupt.

Hard Money Industrial and Plant Development Loans

Evolution dictates that outdated and outmoded businesses will die off while new ones emerge to take their place. Not so long ago, there was little, if any need for cell phone, computer tablet, and other factories. Today, the following businesses are bound to create a need for plants and industrial development:

* The internet of anywhere and associated infrastructure

* 3D printing

* Alternative wind turbine designs

* Water purification and desalination

If you happen to own an especially large tract of land, or even a parcel that once belonged to a factory, it may be of immense benefit to try and draw business owners from certain emerging sectors.

All you will need is a hard money loan to create suitable upgrades and then either rent the property or sell it to a suitable business. Sadly, even though cutting edge investors and economists are looking to these four industries for major changes, conventional banks will not offer industrial development loans to realtors for this purpose.

Apartments and Rental Property Loans

From lost wages to marital separations, you will find that many people that would normally be interested in buying a home will revise their plans to live in a rental complex. Contrary to the beliefs of conventional bankers, you do not need to build multiple units or spend vast amounts of money to turn older or less appealing homes in your realtor catalog into prime rental property.

Since hard money lenders know that even a single two story house can easily be used to generate two rental incomes, they are more than willing to extend loans to help you carry out these modifications. As an added bonus, if you have a buyer in mind, then you can take advantage of flexible loan options that will save you money and increase profit at the same time.

Hard Money has been the best source for Fix and Sell Flipper Loans

Realtors with a truly diverse catalog of properties are bound to have a few fixer uppers. This includes properties that you may have bought in a lump sum parcel, or acquired for incredibly low prices. If you were also intending to sell for a fairly low price, you may be stymied by the inability to sell because of a range of problems.

In fact, even if you only need a few thousand dollars for a roof and floor, this may be enough to turn away buyers and cause the bank to turn you down for a loan. Hard money loans are perfect for these situations because you can obtain them based on the value of the property as opposed to the overall net worth and credit history of your business. In fact, even if your business is on the verge of collapse, you can still get a fix and sell loan for worthwhile properties.

Hard Money is also used for Foreclosure Bailout Loans

Without a question, you have probably tried to be responsible and take on all of the debts associated with properties in your catalog. At the same time, adjustable rate mortgages and other issues may actually have you in a situation where you cannot pay all your bills, and the bank is about to foreclose. In this situation, it should come as no surprise that the bank will refuse to give you more money in order to help you get out of trouble.

Interestingly enough, hard money lenders know that property always has value, and that some additional funding can turn that millstone into a sizable profit.

You do not need to fail because the banks won’t give you money when our lenders are more than happy to help you out with foreclosure bailout loans, designed just for realtors.

Bridge Loans for the Right Mortgage Applicant

Now that you’ve found a viable buyer, it is going to be a grueling wait for the bank to approve the mortgage. Why wait to carry out needed repairs or achieve other goals when we can give you a bridge loan instead?

These loans are specially designed for realtors that need some extra funding to bridge the time gap between the mortgage application and actually getting the money. While the bank drags its heels, you can be well on your way to finishing off your side of the bargain and moving on to focusing on other properties in your catalog.

Real Estate Note Refinance Loans

This type of loan is ideal for situations where you tried to achieve a goal, but ran out of loan money. Construction overruns and a plethora of other problems can easily be remedied with real estate note refinance loans.

Typically, conventional banks will not offer them because they are afraid to take an even bigger risk on the property in question. Hard money lenders that work with us are willing to help you because they believe there is enough profit potential to make this a worthwhile effort.

Hard Money will take care of Mechanics Liens Clearance Loans

Construction companies, construction product suppliers, and many other businesses can attach liens to a property, even though payment is promised for the work done. If you have a buyer that needs to secure a mortgage, these mechanical liens can cause a great deal of mischief to your plans.

We supply mechanics liens clearance loans so that you can make your property look more attractive to buyers that can secure a conventional mortgage. Don’t let important clients get away from you when our loans can smooth out these rough edges.

Invoice Factoring to Help You Build Capital Fast

There is going to be a sobering moment when you look at some properties in your catalog and realize that you just don’t have the time, money, or inspiration to make them salable. On the other hand, some of our lenders are always looking for new challenges and new properties to work with.

We will be more than happy to provide you with invoice factoring on these properties so that you can boost capital and make the most of all your other resources. Without a doubt, conventional banks already glutted with foreclosed properties cannot help you out the way our lenders can in this capacity.

While you were going over this list of loans, you may have been surprised at all the different kinds of financing available. From building shopping malls to bailing out properties on the verge of foreclosure, we have a loan that can help you.  Can you really afford to wait for the bank or other lenders to help you out?

If you are looking to sell property as quickly as possible and are dedicated to making a profit call us at 612-926-111 and ask about our services. Click on apply now. We guarantee that you will find a brand new way to energize your business and take it in any direction that you choose.

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