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Loans for the Best Minnesota Commercial Real Estate Buy Ever

Real EstateThere are two types of investors that need the services of a short-term, private commercial real estate loan in Minneapolis/St. Paul. The first are commercial property flippers.

The second are newcomers to the investment property market in Minnesota. In both cases, having a loan provider in your roll-a-dex – or quick dial – is a must.

In this article, we’ll discuss the investor aspect only.

Tips for Investing in Commercial Land and Real Estate

Private real estate lenders are going to look at the following details of a property before funding any deal since any problems with the property will affect your ability to get a conventional loan down the road or rent the property to other entities.

Banks will look at your ability to pay off a loan while private money lenders will look at the resale value of the property you are purchasing.

  • Zoning – is the space zoned for commercial, residential or both types of development
  • Smells – get out of your car and smell the air around the property; as a matter of fact, do so at several different times of day at least 2 days apart; do you smell food cooking, a tire manufacturing plant, a junk yard or farm animals;
  • Sounds – what sounds are typical in the immediate area of the property; is there a nightclub or kids after school daycare on the same block? Is there an empty office building next door where a rock band practices at night? Is it too loud or too quiet?
  • Soil – check with the state EPA for any disaster disclosures that might affect your ability to resell or generate a profit in the property
  • Elevation – check with the community zoning department to ascertain any issues that might occur with the elevation of the land;
  • Water and Utilities – is the water potable or will you have to invest in access to the city’s water supply? are the utilities already in close proximity to the property or will you have to run extra electric lines, cable lines or telephone lines to the property and at what cost?

If there is a building in place, is the building tagged with Historical improvements only; is the building sound enough to refurbish to current standards or will you need to update the electrical boxes, replace copper plumbing lines with pvc, replace windows or insulate the walls even if you are only planning to rent the spaces.

If all of these factors are within the norms for resale or investment strategies that make sense, getting an investment real estate loan in Minnesota with a short-term lender will be quicker than going the conventional route.

Do you need a financing for the best real estate buy ever offered in Minneapolis/St. Paul?

If so, securing a short-term loan for land, investment property, condominium complexes and for development purposes can be done by a single click on the “Get More Info” icon in the sidebar.

We have available money for loans of $50,000 to $3 million, depending on the project.

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