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Minneapolis Hard Money Real Estate Loans

When you purchase real estate with the sole intent of reselling, you may not be aware of how easy it is to get fix and flip loans. In fact, when it comes to asset-backed lending, you may have been misled by the bank to the point where you never look beyond their offerings.

Needless to say, if you have properties that you know are worth money, but can’t make necessary repairs, it is in your best interest to find out more about hard money lenders in Minneapolis.

Do You Realize that a Hard Money Lender Minneapolis Can Solve Your Worst Problems?

Consider a situation where you bought a number of properties as part of a grab bag auction. Even though you may have successfully paid off all fines and liens, you may still have to:

* Install a new roof or floors to make the buildings saleable

* Landscape the property to make it appealing to your target audience of buyers

* Take care of other household repairs that require more capital than you can afford


If you live or have contacts in the Minneapolis area, then you already know the area is due for another economic downturn. From that perspective, properties that you were hoping would go up in value may be set to decline even more. Now is the time to get your investment money back— regardless of whether or not a conventional bank will help you obtain needed money for property repairs.

Call us now or click on the Apply Now link to find out about our hard money lender program and what you will get from it. Why should you be hog tied to properties that can be sold right now just because the bank has a vested interest in holding onto its money instead of helping you succeed?

Do you need a Hard Money Loan for your next real estate purchase or refinance fast?