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Need Money for Sweet Real Estate Deals? Get a Short Term Investment Property Loan

Now, we all know that you don’t want a 30 year loan on a property you are going to sell to someone else. On the other hand, we also know that potential real estate customers can be stuck waiting for months on end to secure a mortgage for your valuable property.

Why wait for property values to go down, or your clients to move on to another real estate agent when we can supply you with a fast, friendly short term investment property loan, MN?

Bridge Loans: Why You Need Them Now

Perhaps before the recession, you were making so much money it was no problem to rehab properties or extend temporary credit to clients, in the process of getting a mortgage approved.

Here are some things our short term loan can do for your image and your business:

We give you the money you need to offer services to worthwhile clients that you would not otherwise be able to afford

Cultivate your reputation and beat every one of your competitors when it comes to closing deals and making every transaction smooth and seamless.

No doubt, you were proud to help with moving expenses, or all the little perks that made you a star in the commercial development community.

With money so tight now, and competition so high, we understand that a short term bridge loan can give you the touch of old sparkle and service that your clients crave.

Call 612-926-1111 or email us today and find out why so many real estate agents are turning to bridge loans to improve their business in every way.

Do you need a Hard Money Loan for your next real estate purchase or refinance fast?