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Get Your Office Building Developed Today

There is no such thing as a realtor that doesn’t have prime commercial property on the books with no buyers. In fact, you may even have purchased some odd bits of land hoping that you could sell them at a higher price once the recession passes.

The bad news is the recession isn’t about to end as long as people rely on traditional banking structures. Rather than waiting for a change in the economy, you will be much better off siding with that change by using private money loans.

Why Haven’t You Tried Private Lenders for Real Estate?

Chances are, you may be ignoring the potential of private money lenders because the banks told you it is impossible to get a decent loan. On the other side of the equation, banks don’t want you to realize the following:

  • venture capitalists are abandoning the banks because they can’t get access to viable customers

  • millions of dollars in money from overseas investors is not available through commercial banks because foreign investors no longer trust our banks

  • serious investors know that short term loans work better than long term ventures for them and for you

If you have property that can be used for office buildings, we have the perfect loan for you. No matter whether you are interested in providing space for medical practices, law firms, or accountants, rest assured that we can easily provide the money, and then let you do what you need to get the building constructed and ready for clients.

Don’t waste another minute wondering if you can get a loan from us. Just call or email today and our specialists will be more than happy to help you get a loan to build the hottest office centre in your local area.

Make Your Retail Store Dreams Come True Today

Even though the economy is an absolute disaster, people are still going to dollar stores and other small franchise operations that supply cheap food and daily necessities. If you have property and an interest in helping the local economy grow, we have private lenders for real estate that can help you build a retail store.

In fact, once you secure one of our loans, you will truly be amazed at how easy it will be to proceed with building your new enterprise and making sure that it has everything required to be successful.

Have You Tried Getting Private Money Loans?

When you visit the local bank to ask for a commercial loan, the bank officer may tell you that they are also providing your information to an exclusive private lender list. It is important to realize that our process is very different. The truth is their list of venture capitalists is much smaller than ours.

In some cases you will never reach a viable lender because:

  • you may be doing business with a very small bank that has only one or two big backers

  • the bank may not have the kinds of overseas contacts or venture capitalists eager to take part in your enterprise

  • larger networks of venture capitalists would offer lower interest rates than those offered by the bank itself

Today, we have millions of dollars in untapped money for real estate investors interested in building retail stores. We know you have the land and the ideas required to get the building developed and the business started.

Just email or call us today at 612-926-1111 and we will be more than happy to provide the money required to help you build the perfect store on that empty land. Why go on paying all those taxes on undeveloped land when we can help you make a lifetime of profit instead?

Do you need a Hard Money Loan for your next real estate purchase or refinance fast?