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Property Realtors Can’t Survive Without This

Are you a property realtor? Is it getting harder to make payroll, take advantage of good land deals, and carve out a good reputation in your community? Did you notice that relatively new real estate agents in the area seem to be prospering even, as you struggle with tried and true sales methods? If so, you may not need a real estate refresher course as much as you need better information on how to secure commercial property loans. In this case, we know the secret and are willing to share our expertise and sources of funding with you.

Do You Know the Investment Property Loan Secret?

Ever since the recession started, it has become very hard to get business loans for commercial property and development. If your buyer doesn’t have a significant amount of personal equity or sufficient backers, the bank will turn down the loan and prevent progress in the local area.

On the other side of the equation, private lenders are very interested in making deals that will enable them to generate interest on their loans. In many cases, they will take risks on you and ideal properties that you know about simply because they know the demand for certain business venues is high.

Here are just a few kinds of developments that you can secure an investment property loan for:

* Brown land properties that can be turned into community power generation stations

* Rundown neighbourhood parcels that can be turned into ultra-model apartment complexes or gated communities

* Strip malls or other public gathering places that serve the needs of the local people.

Smart Ways to Get Investment Real Estate Loans

When you have a piece of commercial property in mind, the worst thing you can do is go to a conventional bank. They will dither away for weeks on end trying to make up their mind while your competitors are on the way to the bank with the profit from selling that very same piece of land.

That said, when you work with us and our exclusive commercial real estate investment lenders, we can help you make that deal before anyone else even sees the potential. As an added bonus, if you decide to make certain improvements on the property, we can easily become a long term partner that will manage the financing while you focus on building your vision for the land.

What can a Commercial Real Estate Loan do for You?

To begin with, a commercial real estate land can help you secure a good piece of investment property without having a buyer lined up. This includes relatively small key parcels that may be worth millions once other developers try to develop larger plots. It also includes helping you obtain funding for other kinds of property that will be of interest in the near future.

As long as the property can be zoned for commercial purpose, we can usually find loan money to help you acquire it.

We are Ready to Give You a Real Estate Loan

Here at Hard Money LLC we believe the economy will never improve if we all sit around and wait for commercial banks and big government to supply the money required to start new businesses. We know that investing in people just like you is a high risk.

That said, we also know that without taking a calculated risk, without which none of us will have a chance to prosper.

Call or email us today and find out how we can help you secure a commercial real estate loan. We will be more than happy to discuss possible lender options as well as provide a free consultation. Once you start working with us, we are absolutely certain that we can make a better world together and make a profit at the same time.

Why are you still stuck in yesterday’s thinking when it comes to securing real estate loans? Contact us now and make a better tomorrow the reality right now.

Do you need a Hard Money Loan for your next real estate purchase or refinance fast?