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10 Questions to Ask Hard Money Lenders in Minneapolis? - 10 questions to ask prospective hard money lenders in Minneapolis?   How do Points and interest work? Do Loan terms go for 1 to 5 years ARV (After Repair Value) do you do appraisals for value? How much are your Upfront fees Do I need a Down payment for a hard Money Loan in Minnesota […]
What is a Hard Money Lender? - The term “hard money lender” may be unfamiliar to some, but it is something that more people should be aware of. Hard money lenders are opportunistic private lenders who lend outside of traditional banks or credit unions to an individual or business. Hard money loans are funded by an investor or group of investors who […]
The Costs of Hard Money: Interest Rates and Points - When considering a hard money loan, it is important to understand the fees associated with the loan to ensure that you and the lender are on the same page. Because hard money loans represent significantly more risk than traditional bank loans, interest rates will be higher, and lenders will often charge “points” upfront. The amount […]
What is a Hard Money Loan? - Simply put, a hard money loan is a short-term loan secured by collateral, which in most cases takes the form of real estate. Hard money loans are funded by private investors, as opposed to conventional lenders like banks or credit unions. Unlike banks, these lenders are mainly concerned with the value of the property, rather […]
Hard Money LLC funds Hennepin County Foreclosure Investments fast 10.6.17 - Sale Record Number Unverified Common Address Date of Sale Mortgagor(s) Type of Sale 1611014 5004 Jennings Rd, Mound 11/7/2016 Frank Breyette, Mortgage 1611015 8948 Neill Lake Rd #151, Eden Prairie 11/7/2016 Sandra F Hinton, Mortgage 1611016 3558 Stinson Blvd, Minneapolis 11/7/2016 Roxane G Lind, Mortgage 1611017 653 Fillmore St N E, Minneapolis 11/7/2016 Alissa Borrink, […]
The Best Times to Use a Hard Money Lender - Most people don’t know what “hard money” is and probably think hard money lenders are shady who will do anything to recover their money. That is not the case. The hard money lending industry is a perfectly legitimate industry and hard money loans are simply short-term loans secured by real estate, where the money is […]
Hard Money LLC is Ready to Help You Thrive - As you may be aware, Minneapolis and similar areas have a number of challenges to face that are not as prevalent in other areas. This includes a weaker economy, volatile crime rates, and other problems that make it less likely for businesses, potential homeowners, and banks to be interested in this area. On the other […]
Investment Property Loans to Make Money in Real Estate - Chances are, you realize that hundreds of investors would love to purchase wholesale real estate. While you may have achieved this goal, you may not be very happy with the results. In particular, you may be stuck with dozens of properties that you can’t sell, let alone sell for a profit. By the time you […]
Sell Those Properties With Asset Backed Lending - Even though you may not hear much about certain situations in the news, there are a handful of catastrophes that can prevent buyers from even considering looking at your properties in the near future. Aside from that, each day that you sit with unsold properties in your real estate investment business is a day that […]
Get Construction Investment Financing Now <span class="excerpt-dash">-span> <span class="excerpt">Have you ever had to demolish a building on investment land because it was condemned? Did you find yourself feeling angry and frustrated because you could not get a bank loan to head off this situation? Now that the land is empty, you don’t have to sell it off at a loss just because the […]span>

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